We need Safe place to live…………….

When we are Kids, We love to walk and get wet in rain. I am like that even now. Before the Deepavali festival, I stepped out when it was raining. As I was walking towards main road, the water was below knee. I carefully walked, so that I avoid any accident (though I feared of man-hole and electric shocks). Nearly 10 years back, when it rained continuously, people were stranded and did not come home for a day or two BUT less power cut, not pro-longed rains for months and networks were good. I never thought Chennai could be a Zone of Flood, but it is Zone of flooding now.
Until 2nd Dec, I generally miss calls in mob (Not intentionally). When I realized, things are serious in Chennai and no network to connect to people, that is when I started to call my family members and friends. I was frustrated, when I was not able to reach them. When they called, I immediately picked the call to know about them. Relationships are important, cherish and balance them lifelong.
It’s heartening to see, how people are helping each other, without waiting for others to help. The resources are pooled in Chennai and in neighboring states. The public places (Schools, Malls, Praying place) are open for stranded people and mostly affected areas. What is the use of Money, Luxurious villa/ house, expensive car/ bikes, when it cannot be used when we are in death or life situation. The fisherman’s, Drivers, Volunteers, Mobile service providers, hospitals are helping us stay strong. People are risking their own life for others. Hats Off to All of them who are working tirelessly! Money is not the only thing in Life, Humanity is more important.
The technology has helped us in communications. People went to help/ rescue people from the communication received from social media. It is sad to know, when our country have not taken seriously and spoken about it in print media. (I understand various pressures upon them, which lead to focus on other things). However, People did not need that, because, we were anyways communicated. People from other states/ countries who wanted to know about their family but no network, were able to connect to others to know about them. We have clearly sorted out any rumors, fake numbers and messages about anything during this time. Keeping calm and thinking clearly is need of the hour.
I remember learning this in social science, the government officials are “For the people, by the people and of the people”. I have not visually seen it. The government officials are releasing fund for the Flood. Once life in Chennai comes to normal, fund will be provided to people and that time, we will see the media working in full fledged. The fund will flow quickly, as the water flows in general. One request to all, who work on Government projects, please provide us quality products to build public places.
We need safe place to live. I have seen lots of resources pooled in, organized into a system, communication among each other, clear thinking , hard work and selflessness in this week. With the same determination, we should ask for good system in place and be ready for any unforeseen events like this. If alone, rain water harvesting and other planning were there, our ground level water could have raised and at the same time, we could have been save. We can work for bringing this in Chennai like we are working together now. Unity and perseverance is the Key, to bring in good sewage system and not allowing building in the lakes.
I wrote and published this post in Facebook page on 5th Dec 2015.

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