Peltophorum species

Peltophorum species is a beautiful, mesmerized tree which welcomes us with bright yellow blossoms.

Peltophorum species is a native species of tropical Asia. It is commonly known as copper pod, golden flame, rusty shield bearer, yellow flamboyant, yellow flame, yellow gold mohur, and yellow poinciana.

The copper color pod remains prominent throughout the year. It has a deep root system, smooth bark and spreading branches. It is propagated by seeds, grafting or branch cuttings.

Ecological, economical and medicinal value of Peltophorum species:

Attention to all environmentalist!

Peltophorum species is fast-growing plants which are used for reforestation. Young trees are planted in an intercropping system. It is a good nitrogen fixing tree and efficient in trapping dust.

Peltophorum species are used as a fodder, fuel, timber, tanning leather, dyeing in batik work and fishing nets. In India, it is a source of pollen for the dammer bee.

The bark are used for fermenting palm wine, as a astringent to cure or relieve liver and intestinal disorders, sprains, bruises and swelling or as a lotion for eye infections, muscular pains and sores. The roots are used in sickness during pregnancy, to arrest heavy bleeding during child birth and in treating tuberculosis.


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