Open mindedness

When I heard about the prompt OPEN, the first thing that strikes me is Open mind. Open mindedness is one of the International Baccalaureate Program Learner profile. It’s important to understand the values, culture, different point of views of others and respect them.

Let’s look at a scenario.

It’s a week since the school reopened after summer vacation. The school comes back to life when the children are in the school. The school has greenery all around and good infrastructure.  There are many children who are new to the school. Indu joined a school and she has recently moved from abroad. Indu was new to the culture and her way of thinking was different from others. She was quietly observing the conversations, talks of her classmates. She then slowly opened up to her classmates and made friends. The classmates also were friendly and respected the views of others.

The scenario can be anything from schools, family, office or any public place. It’s very essential to be open minded in life , to see from others point of view. We will have less problems in life.


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