Summer and Trees


I live in a tropical country and in a city which is humid. I love summer as i live rainy days.

What comes to our mind when it’s Summer? Children enjoy the vacation  with friends and family. They go to beach in the evening to enjoy the cool breezes.

But wait…. what fo we do in midern world? We comfortable switch on the AC anywhere and enjoy. What happens to the environment? Who cares about it? We are clever and rule the world.

Have you ever walked in the sun and felt the warmth of sun, sorry the jot temperature. If you walk in the shades of trees, you feel the cool breezes.

What did plants do to us? It gives us shades, rain, food, flower, medicines, wood, paper, rubber, gives oxygen , reduces carbon dioxide, gives rain and protects top soil.

What did we do to plants? Use, use and exploited them for our benefit. We think, we are the boss and forgot that they are the boss for energy production. We depend on them . If we are cutting trees, we are only finding ways to kill ourselves. Save trees.



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